Door 5
7,5 km

Free mulled wine at HOB Helsinki restaurant for all participants!

HOB offers you a free mulled wine and other offers from December 24th to January 6th. Choose between Burrito or Nachos 10 euros. You can choose between beef, chicken or vegan. Kaski or Carlsberg beers for 5 euros.

You get the mulled wine and offers by telling the code "Helsinki Five". HOB is located right next to the start and finish area at Capellan puistotie 2, Helsinki.

Opening hours: 24/12 closed, 25/12 6 pm – 00 am, 26/12 15pm – 00 am


Start from Isoisänsilta towards Mustikkamaa Image 1.

Kalasatama metro station is from a close walk from the start. If you need parking, there are spots at Redi shopping mall.

0–4 km

After the bridge, turn right. Take the coastal route around Mustikkamaa for about 1.5 kilometers. Turn right and cross the Mustikkamaa bridge. After the bridge, turn right onto Bertel Jung tie Image 2. Turn right onto Hopeasalmentie and walk through Eugen Schauman Park. Then turn left onto Granfeltintie and soon after again turn left onto Lars Sonckin tie. Turn right onto Risto Rytin tie and continue to Naurissaarensilta and cross it.

4–7,5 km

After the bridge, turn left at Kipparilahti loop and under the Itäväylä. Turn right after the Räntätöyry bus stop Image 3. Take the coastal road until Leposaarentie and then turn left. Turn right at Kulosaari Park Road.

Continue across the Kulosaari bridge and before Redi turn right and exit the bridge. Turn left onto Capella Puistotie and continue towards Isoisänsilta, where you started.