One CHallenge.
Five Doors.

November 28 – January 6

Welcome to the XMAS FIVE challenge! Great that you accepted the challenge. Please read through the instructions one this page before embarking on your wonderful adventure. If you have questions, check out our FAQ section at the bottom.

Before You start

  • Study the map and instructions carefully before each race.
  • You can take the routes in any order.
  • The routes are designed to be easy to follow but there's some sections where the map and instructions are extra handy. Please keep the map available when you run/walk as guidance if it gets tricky.
  • GPX files are also available for for each route. If you don't own an advanced running clock but still want to use the files as guidance, we would like to recommend the "GPX viewer" app (available for free inside App Store and Google Play Store).
  • If you happen to take a detour at any point, it's okay as long as you complete the entire route and are on par with the distance.
  • Wear shoes and clothes suitable for the weather.

During the Race

  • Remember to track your time. Turn on your timer when you start, and turn it off when you finish.
  • Be careful at road crossings and watch out for car and bicycle traffic at places. Safety First!
  • Some of the courses has stairs and/or technical sections. Take it easy to avoid injury. All participants are responsible for their own actions.
  • Make sure you drink enough water and are energised before you head out. We recommend that you bring water with you, if possible.

After the race

  • After completing the challenge (all routes) – download your badge here:
    Badass Santa – if you've completed all routes in one day
    Healthy Santa – if you've completed all routes
  • Report your results for all routes AFTER completing the entire challenge (link available 24/12). Please note: Save your results on a paper note, or in your phone/app, so that you can fetch them later. Times need
  • You can also order your beanie for home delivery from the Report page. Reporting and ordering has to be done between 24/12–16/1.
  • The list of results will be published when the challenge is over and everyone has had the opportunity to report their times.


  • We hope and expect that all participants will abide to the rules and recommendations announced by THL, in order to reduce the spread of covid-19. Visit THL website for more information.

Door 1
9,5 km

This route includes both the seafront and park scenery, and a stunning ascent to the top of Vuosaari.


Departure from Kuppi kuumaa sculpture Image 1. A short walk from Vuosaari metro station.

1-3 km
Head towards the beach along Kahvikatu. At the roundabout, continue straight on Aurinkolahden puistotie in the direction of the beach. After reaching the beach, turn left onto Aurinkoranta. Continue straight all the way to the Uutela canal. Turn left onto Lohikallionranta. Then turn right onto Uutelantie. After the bridge, turn left and continue along the edge of the Uutela canal.

At the end of the canal, go up the stairs between the two apartment buildings and cross the Aurinkotuulensilta. Continue on this dirt road past the football fields and continue straight Image 2. Then continue along the road all the way to Itäreimarintie. (Skip the Porslahti columns on the left.)

3-8 km
Turn left onto Itäreimarintie and then soon right onto Niinisaarentie. Turn left over the road and towards Vuosaarenhuippu Image 3. Continue on the main path and turn right Image 4. Turn sharply left uphill Image 5. Continue towards the wooden stairs. Admire the stunning views from the top!

Continue the path forward and down the “mountain”. Once down, continue on the main path until you reach an intersection and turn left Image 6. Continue your journey and when you reach the outside gym, head under the underpass tunnel and turn right. Then soon turn left onto the Vuosaaren puistopolku path. Continue along the road until you reach a point where there is a dog park. Then turn slightly left.

8-9,5 km
After the underpass tunnel, turn left Image 7. After passing the sports hall, turn right towards Columbus (Valkopaadentie) and go past it. Pass the Cirrus tower house on the left and you will see the painted cup sculpture right in front of you.

Door 2
6,8 km

Island hopping between Helsinki and Espoo, which can be done with your feet dry. The route has modern buildings, the seafront and beautiful nature.


The start is from the main entrance of Keilaniemi metro station Image 1 at Keilaniementie 4.

0-2 km

After stepping out of the metro station, cross the road and turn right Kuva2. Immediately turn left at the next corner of the building (sign Keilalampi) Kuva 3. Continue straight past the tall building past the marina Kuva 4 and turn right at the corner of the building. Continue along the beach until you see brown signs towards Lauttasaari. Turn left Kuva 5.

After the helicopter landing site, turn left Kuva 6. At the intersection, there are blue signs towards Lauttasaari and the center of Helsinki.

2-4 km

Continue on Länsiväylä towards the east and the center of Helsinki. When you reach Lehtisaari, continue straight Kuva 7. The road to Lauttasaari crosses the bridge. Cross the bridge Kuva 8 and turn left Kuva 9 to Koivusaarentie.

Koivusaarentie curves to the right and rises up a gentle hill. At the intersection on the hill, turn left Kuva 10 to Katajaharjuntie. Continue straight on Katajaharjuntie until the peninsula Kuva 11. Then turn right onto a small gravel road Kuva 12.

On the gravel road, turn left Kuva 13 until you return to the asphalt road between the two large rocks. Turn left Kuva 14. Continue straight and cross the white wooden arched bridge Kuva 15. Continue through the residential area on Kaskisaari Kuva 16 until you reach the bridge leading to Lehtisaari. Cross the bridge and continue straight Kuva 17.

4-6 km

Continue straight on Lehtisaarentie until you see the sign “Otaniemi 2” on the left at about 4.2 km. Turn left Kuva 18 and cross Lehtisaarentie. Continue on the gravel road until you reach the seafront. Turn right Kuva 19.

Keep left on the route and stay close to the sea. Finally you come to a small underpass. Take the underpass Kuva 20, turn right Kuva 21 and once again turn right and continue towards Espoo Kuva 22.

When arriving to Otaniemi at about 5.7 km, cross the road Kuva 23 and immediately turn left at the bus stop back in your direction. Continue on the Kalanokanpolku following the beach Kuva 24.


At the marina, turn right from the corner of the building Kuva 25, go uphill and turn left onto a road called Keilaranta Kuva 26. At Keilaranta 6, turn left Kuva 27 and continue on the curving walkway until you reach the foot of the stairs Kuva 28.

Go up the stairs to see Keilaniemi metro station again Kuva 29. Turn left towards the metro station and cross Keilaniementie.

Please note!

For those arriving by car, there are free parking spaces, e.g. at Laguuni (Keilalahdentie 8) and elsewhere along Keilalahdentie. The route also goes by Koivusaari metro station, where you can start as well.

The GPX file is little off in the last 200 meters (bug when drawing the path). Just continue next to the water and straight forward into the goal.

Common Questions

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Will I be disqualified if I deviate from the route?
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How do I register my time?
When do I get my beanie?
How do I enter competitions in Social Media to win other prizes?
Can I participate with a stroller?
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